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It's a Hot One! Is Your Roof’s Ventilation System Keeping Up this Summer?

When you think roofing, you think shingles, right?

Well, the longevity, effectiveness, and overall health of the roof over your head relies heavily on proper ventilation. Without professionally designed and implemented ventilation systems on your roof, you could fall prey to mould, mildew and moisture over the course of an exceptionally hot summer. 

Is your roof’s ventilation system up to par? Here are some crucial questions to ask yourself:

Why is the summer a great time to reassess your roof?

  • It's easier to get roofing work done in the summer: Makes sense, right? Roofing is safer and more convenient without the addition of freezing temperatures, slippery roofs, and falling sleet and snow. And with longer days, it's a much more efficient time for repairs and updates.
  • It's easier to see what needs to be done: When your roof is hidden under a blanket of snow, it's harder to know what's going on underneath. Summer offers an excellent opportunity to take a long, hard look at your roof. Are you missing any shingles? Do you see mould developing? Are there black streaks or green splotches?
  • Hot temperatures means moisture: It's a fact: the soaring heat of the summer means you're going to be more susceptible to moisture gathering. This is an extra vulnerable time for your roof’s health, and it's important to use this time wisely. Consider some ways moisture can impact your roof, attic, and home. Then think about how to head those issues off at the pass. 

So, what does heat and moisture mean for your roof?

With a proper ventilation system in place, you won't have to worry about moisture impacting the health of your roof. If it's been updated and professionally cared for, you shouldn't notice any effects of increased condensation and moisture. However, with improper ventilation, you may have to watch out for the following issues:

  • Condensation. Simple enough in theory: when water in air contacts a slightly cooler surface, it will condense in the form of water droplets. With an improperly ventilated roof, condensation is likely in your attic spaces, which will lead to increased moisture.
  • Mould. Mould reproduces through spores. When these spores come in contact with moist surfaces (think condensation) they will proliferate and grow. In addition to being just plain ugly, mould is a health concern and can damage the integrity of your roofing structure. Put simply, improper ventilation will reduce the longevity, effectiveness, and overall health of your roof.

How can you ensure proper ventilation for your roof?

Luckily, there are ways to ensure that your roof stays properly ventilated.

  • Ridge vent. In order to allow air to pass through and remain ventilated, speak to your roofing professional about a ridge vent. Because the air will flow through better, you'll be in less danger of condensation and stagnant air.
  • High quality shingles. Choose a professional company that can discuss the differences in quality with you, depending on the aesthetic desires and structural needs of your home. The proper shingles will help ensure adequate protection against environmental attacks like moisture and heat.
  • Underlayment. What’s beneath the shingles matters too. Ensure that your roofing professional prioritizes a quality underlayment that will add a water-resistant layer to your roofing to help avoid excess moisture — and everything that goes with it.
  • Planning ahead. Although it may feel like it, summer's not here to stay. Since the warm weather is the best time to plan these projects, make sure you discuss the potential for specialized underlayment that will stave off the negative effects of ice and sleet.

Most important tip of all? Partner with a roofing expert who can apply years of experience when looking at ventilation issues and solutions for your roof. And don't despair: a good residential roof should only take 1-3 days to install, but it should last you 10-15 years!

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