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Snow/Ice Removal

Ice Dams… What are they? How do I remove and prevent them?

Ice Damage

What Are Ice Dams?

Ice dams are formed when heat from the inside of a home escapes into the attic and warms the roof decking during the winter. This heat, combined with heat from the sun, can melt snow on the roof. Melting snow on the upper roof and in the valleys then runs down toward the eaves as water. When it reaches the cold eaves and gutters it refreezes. The continual thaw and re-freeze process creates ice dams. The result is water backing up under the roof shingles or behind fascia boards where it can soak through the roof decking or wall sheathing, causing damage to attics, ceilings and walls.

Ice Dam Defense

There are ways to defend against the damage ice dams cause: insulation and ventilation are the most predominant. They work together in such a way that the insulation keeps heat from escaping from your home’s living space into your attic while the ventilation removes the heat and helps keep the roof deck evenly cool to help prevent snow from melting on the roof.


The second thing to look for in your attic is the amount of ventilation that you have. It is important to have ventilation in the attic so any heat lost from the interior of the home is drawn up and out of the attic. Adequate attic ventilation will help the roof deck stay cool. Another benefit of having your attic ventilated is that it allows for moisture that rises into the attic from things such as bathing, cooking and the laundry to escape. Unchecked moisture can promote mold, mildew, and wood rot. There are two common ways to ensure that excess moisture or heat can escape to the outside. One way is to use a power or mechanical ventilation system. The other way is through a natural, or static, ventilation system. A power ventilator is an electric powered fan installed at the roof or gable that runs by a thermostat or humidistat when the attic needs ventilation. Natural or static ventilation systems consist of simple vent or covered openings in your attic.

Maximum Vents are also a very effective stormproof ventilation solution in areas of high winds or heavy snowloads. they also have many solutions for unique roof configurations such as flat roofs and cathedral ceilings.


Removing an existing Ice Dam using high pressure steam

Protecting your home from ice and snow during the winter is a fact of life for residents in the Niagara Region. Many people are looking for a quick and efficient way to resolve their ice dam problems. Call Hamblet’s Roofing for an estimate to remove ice dams safely. Hamblet’s Roofing uses a low pressure steamer to safely remove ice and snow from roofs, downspouts, and more. Don’t let other companies convince you a regular hot water pressure washer will work. While high pressure is sometimes appropriate for melting ice from sidewalks and parking lots, it can cause damage to shingles and roofs.

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